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Unit 6. The young pioneers club-english7-6633118.html

 25/11/2011, 16:25
Chieng Xom junior high schoolClass : 7CTeacher : Do Thi Hoai ThuWELCOME TO OUR LESSON! Friday, October 28th, 2011after schoolUNIT 6Period 32: A – What do you do?(2)2341Reading/studying in the librarySwimming in the poolPlaying video gamesGoing to the moviesPlaying soccerWatching TV1) Label the activities after school.a) b) c)d) e) f) Meeting friendsDoing homeworkPlaying volleyballPlaying the guitarListening to musicj)k)h)g)i) *Note: v v v v v v v v v v x always usually often sometimes never 2) Ask and answer about activities after school.Example 1:A: What do you usually do after school?B: - On Monday, I usually do my homework with Hoa and Ba after school. - On Tuesday, I sometimes go swimming with my friends after school. 2) Ask and answer about activities after school.Example 2:A: How often do you study in the library after school?B: I always study in the library after school.*Rearrange the words to make sentences.1) play / I / Fridays / sports / often / on. I often play sports on Fridays. I sometimes go swimming on Saturdays. I always help my mom with housework after school.2) I / go / Saturdays / swimming / on / sometimes. 3) my / I / help / mom / always / with / after / housework / school.3. Homework- Do exercises 1, 2 (WB/Unit 6-A).- Prepare: Unit 6 - A3,4,5.Thank you very much.Goodbye.

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