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 12/11/2011, 22:56
WARMLY WELCOME TO CLASS 6CTeacher: Bui Huong LeChieng Xom junior high school1. New words - Store (n):Cửa hàng- Bookstore (n):Hiệu sách-Temple (n):Đền, Miếu- Hospital (n):Bệnh viện - Factory (n): Nhà máy- Museum (n):Bảo tàng- Stadium (n):Sân vận động1. Minh’s place:* Answer True (T) or False (F) sentence:a. Minh lives in the country.(F)b. There are four people in his family.(T)c. Their house is next to a bookstore.(F)d. There is a museum near their house.(T)e. Minh’s mother works in a factory.(F)f. Minh’s father works in a hospital.(F)*Complete the sentences:.a. Minh and his family live in the yard.b. On the street, there is a restaurant, a bookstore and a temple.c. His mother works in a hospital.d. Minh’s house is next to a store.e. His father works in a factory.2. Listen (Write the words you hear in your exercise book) a. museumb. bookstorec. riverd. street3. Play with words I live in a house On a street, In a city. I live in a house On a street, In a city. Near a restaurant Where friends meet To eat. 4. Homework Learn by heart all new words. Read B1 again. Answer the questions below: a. Where does Minh live? b. What is there next to their house? c. What is there on the street?- Prepare well for new lesson: Unit 6 (C 1, 2).Thanks for your attention!Goodbye and see you again.

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